Beauties from HOPE

I am a 35 yr old single mother of 1, who escaped a domestic violent relationship 2 yrs ago from my parter who was 16 yrs my senior.
I would say 60 percent was mental and controlling whilst the rest was physical.
I come from the most loving background of family with great parents. I was truly a daddy’s girl but unfortunately lost this amazing true man to cancer when I was 18.
I guess I have always been searching for a replacement..someone to treat and love me like he did. .they do say you look to marry a man like your father…especially if you was blessed to have had one like mine for 18 yr years.
Being a tall strong confident person, with a sporting background of playing Volleyball for England and GB, whilst also being a black belt in karate.
There was no way I would tolerate a man that put his hands on me, and I would have been the 1st to tell my friends to walk and get help if in that situation.
5 yrs my relationship lasted, to a man I adored at first but became to hate and was scared of!
Me the strong confident girl with so many friends who makes people laugh. .
I lost everyone to a certain extent including my sparkle and my soul !
A man did this to me..A nasty, jealous, controlling perpetrator!
The girls or should I say angels who have come in to my life are Cassie Taylor and Claire Wheeler …through the most weirdest way which I won’t bore u with lol.
Without the help and support of HOPE constantly .. I may have been reeled back into this man’s world again. ..I’ve had so many things thrown at me i’ve have thought ..”really” Is life just getting worse after him…I may as well be back there. Feeling worthless for the past 5 yrs you begin to believe it!
To pick the phone up ..speak,talk, text or email these girls when I have had to ..have just made my day and future alot brighter. .I am still battling with him, but in the right legal avenues, but not under my roof no more.
I am in a much safer environment again thanks to the help and guidance these beauties from Hope.
I have made souls mates for life.
I cannot thank you enough HOPE! You have seriously helped me to continue and make me feel like a human again and get back to being me!
If abuse can happen to somone like can happen to anyone !!
Love you guys!