Psychological and Emotional Abuse

Often the impact of psychological and emotional abuse is minimised as there are no physical marks to clearly indicate it is happening. However, the long term impact of this type of abuse can be lifelong, and cause significant mental health problems, as well as drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders and personality disorders.
This type of abuse pervades all other types of abuse, and can also be experienced without other abuse.

If you are experiencing any of the following, you could be surviving psychological and emotional abuse;

• Being called names; this can include sexist comments and remarks; hurtful names; sexist responsibilities and expectations

• Not responding to or acknowledging you when you speak to him or her; ignoring you; discounting activities and accomplishments

• Withholding affection; withholding comfort; withholding kindness

• Making you feel as if you are going crazy; making you think you are going crazy through private humiliation; denying the way he or she makes you feel

• Unreasonable jealousy and suspicion; constant checking up on you; demanding to know where you have been and with whom;

• Playing mind games so you end up blaming yourself for the way you are being treated

• Belittling you; making you feel bad about yourself

• Threatening to take the children away from you; turning the children against you