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Often, when experiencing domestic abuse and violence, it can be both isolating and you can feel like you are the only one going through it.

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Sadly, lots of women and children keep their experiences secret and the world around them are oblivious to the danger they are experiencing. Perhaps, you relate to this? Lots of women often dismiss their experiences as they feel that in comparison to the news and adverts, their experience is not as severe. Unfortunately, society often minimises emotional abuse and its effects on both the woman and the children, and this can have a greater impact on the mental health and long term recovery of them both.

The truth of the matter is that emotional abuse can be just as traumatic and devastating as physical and sexual violence. Indeed, as with child abuse, emotional abuse is integral to all other forms of abuse. For example; physical violence brings fear and anxiety to the woman and child, which is an emotional response and it is the fear that remains, when the bruises fade. As with physical violence, sexual abuse and violence invokes a deep emotional hurt that can change the way a woman perceives herself and her sexuality, as a woman. This does not mean it will make a woman change her sexual orientation, but it does mean that it can change the way a woman see’s herself as a sexual being.

Interpersonal rape and sexual assault is a hugely under reported crime, and still carries a stigma that it is acceptable within relationships. Although the thought of experiencing sexual violence at the hands of a stranger in a dark alleyway can be frightening, it is, thankfully, relatively rare. However, thousands of women go to bed with their rapist every night, and because society sometimes normalises it, they remain silent. Sadly this type of domestic abuse only became illegal in 1991, and is still considered a relatively minor type of abuse.

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If you feel you have experienced any of the abuse mentioned on any of our pages, remember, you are not alone. We will help you.

Sometimes survivors find solace in sharing their story, often it is the first time they have told anyone. If you would like to share your story, we would love to hear from you. It can often be therapeutic for the writer and also helps other survivor’s know they are not alone.

You can either go to our forum and you can share your stories there with other members of the website. This will hopefully help you to discuss what is happening and how we can help you and speak to other people that are going through the same things.


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