Help and Advice when I most needed it

Initially my ex was a good man I was with him for 6 years after a year or so he started drinking but he was still ok, I then fell pregnant with my first child things started to change. I discovered he was taking drugs and started to know when he was on them he started selling things from the house for example, I had just bought a PS3 and he took it and sold it for £50. He also sold my children’s baptismal jewellery and some of my Jewellery too. He had hit me before but I had always said if I hadn’t said or done this it wouldn’t of happened and I had always hit him back. I had never really believed he was already abusing me. But when I was pregnant with my second child it got worse and he demanded all the money. He went Mad one day and threatening to kill everyone at his work place and he was put into prison. I was then able to make the break away from him.
When he was released he came to my house and he hit me many times. He said he was sorry and wanted to change, I said I would help him and things got worse. So I told him to leave me alone. I wanted things to work out as he needed time with the kids and I needed to work. He was taking drugs while in charge of the children so I decided this had to stop. A friend started to look after my children and things have been easier without him. After this he was arrested for assaulting a woman that he thought was me and he had drugs on him and told the police he was living at my property and they raided my home and I came back from college to find my door broken and my home wrecked. I am now with a new man that is really good and does everything he can to make me feel safe and secure. I am pregnant again and my ex is telling people that we are still together and that the baby is his not my new partners. He has also told my new partner that I had an abortion. He tries to do everything he can to interfere with and ruin my life. Although thankfully I have not seen him for a while and I have heard that he has fled the country as the police are looking for him.
I met Cassie from F.A.C.E now HOPE through my child’s nursery, she has helped me quite a bit giving me information about my rights and leaflets for people that were able to help me. She called me regularly to check how things were and if there was anything I needed and she supported me when I needed advice. I am thankful to Cassie for this help.