Economic and Financial Abuse

This type of abuse can be difficult for the woman to cope with because often they can be left with little or no money to buy food with for their children. Trust is also broken from having money disappear from accounts or purses – and can have a detrimental impact on the woman’s self-esteem and health. Financial abuse can difficult to effectively manage as society’s perception of the woman’s role and gender equality can be marred by old fashioned values. For example; it used to be common place for women to receive an allowance from her husband. As our understanding of equality for women in society develops, so too, does the recognition that financial abuse is as serious as physical abuse.

If you are experiencing any of the following, you could be surviving economic and financial abuse;

• Preventing you from getting a job

• Making it difficult for you to keep a job

• Withholding funds – especially if they are your own funds, or are needed for medicine, food or warmth

• Spending the family income without consent

• Making you struggle to pay bills

• Not letting you know have access to the family or personal income

• Forcing you to ask for basic necessities